Cyberjaya is a clean hub and has a relatively low carbon emission, with most of the landed property developed in low density area. 50% of the green open spaces are reserved by the government.


Cyberjaya has a relatively low crime rate, and most of the landed properties and housing area are gated. Safety surveillance systems are installed around the city as well to enforce security.


The infrastructures of Cyberjaya are planned well ahead of its time before the city is being built from scratch. Purchasing a landed property here means acquisition of excellent convenience.

  • Cyberjaya has always been a much discussed topic among property investors due to the rise of many commercial and residential developments. With all the properties and infrastructures being built, it has made the city an attractive choice for local and foreign bussinesses to live, work, play, and most importantly, for property investment.

    Cyberjaya is slowly becoming a city full of distinct, quality and excellent property choices, especially landed property with how fast the city is developing. If you are looking for a landed property in Cyberjaya, whether for investment purpose or to build your dream house, the following reasons are definitely convincing enough for you to make your first move.

    Clean Hub

    Cyberjaya city has a relatively low carbon emission, with most homes and landed property being developed in low density areas. Furthermore, at least 50% of green open space are reserved by the government, ensuring the nature part of the city is preserved.

    Place of Study

    There are 8 universities providing high level educations to the residents and citizens of Cyberjaya, allowing them to explore their mind and creativity. This makes Cyberjaya property investment a good move for those who are seeking for new opportunities.

    Excellent and Complete Infrastructures

    The infrastructures in Cyberjaya city are well planned before the city is even built. Most residential areas are fibre optics ready and able to support future broadband services. A lot of multinational companies such as Dell, HP, DHL, Huawei and Tech Mahindra have operations in Cyberjaya due to reliable infrastructure and support from the government. Transportation system is also a big selling point in Cyberjaya, as the convenience of the well planned public transport routes allowing the citizens of Cyberjaya to travel within the city with ease. If you are looking to purchase a property, especially landed property in Cyberjaya, make sure to give us a call or view our projects here.

    Safe City

    Cyberjaya is a safe city with relatively low crime rate. Most housing and landed property areas are gated and built with complete security systems. There are surveillance systems installed around the city and there is a centre police station dedicated to serve the entire area of Cyberjaya. The superior security makes Cyberjaya an exceptional location for property investment.

    Strategic Location

    It is the centralised hub between Kuala Lumpur city and emerging urban south towns such as Sepang, Bangi and Dengkil; which are now conveniently linked with the causeway expressways. It is also next to Putrajaya, the office area for most government sectors. Cyberjaya is also conveniently linked by 4 cardinal points of the compass which includes major highways such as Maju Expressway (MEX), Kuala Lumpur-Putrajaya Expressway (KLPE), KL-KLIA dedicated Expressway, Middle Ring Road (MRR2), Lebuhraya Shah Alam (KESAS) and South Klang Valley Expressway (SKVE).

    Affordable Property

    Compared with other areas and cities, Cyberjaya's property price range is relatively easy to afford. Most of the investor and people who are looking to stay in the city can purchase a landed property in Cyberjaya that is not only well built by trusted developers without bearing extremely high costs, they also get to enjoy the beautiful landscapes of the city and make use of the superior infrastructures built by the government.

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This is Sher Niz, the Founder of Team Hustle from LSV Property Group affiliate SMY Valuers & Consultants Sdn Bhd (REN36235).